About SuChris Data Solutions

An Experienced Team Utilizing The Latest Technology

A Data Processing and Software Company

Our mission is to help businesses tackle unique challenges when capturing and processing large amounts of data and documents. We work hard to ensure effective usage of the results through the use of custom software or integration with existing systems.

Our roots were established in the Oil & Gas Industry where large geospatial data sets and millions of documents were often required to complete project goals. We developed strong internal knowledge to tackle complex data problems and adopted a devops culture that allows us to work effeciently and iterate rapidly on any data project.
Over the years we have been in business we have learned that the skills we honed for approaching large data projects apply to many other industries where complex relational data or warehouses of documents are also common. The same principals and techniques we found effective in Oil & Gas have also proven to be very effective in Healthcare, Federal and Local Government, and Renewable Energy sectors.

Our Lead Team Members

John Wolcott

Managing Member

Roxana Wolcott

Managing Member

Jason Bogart

Data Manager

Sam Buchman

Accounting Manager

Mike Morales

Systems Administrator

Mike Goebel

Lead Software Developer

Aaron York

Lead GIS Analyst